Cuban Revolution

Emma McGath and Haven Dagenhart


-Soviet Union, America, and Cuba

-Fidel Castro, JFK, and Fulgencio Batista

-The US was trying to turn Cuba to a Democracy, while the USSR was trying to keep them Communist.

When and Where?

-1953-1959, but the embargo the US put on Cuba is still in place.

-It took place in Cuba

Why and How?

-Fidel Castro over through the government in Cuba

-Fidel was a Communist, the US had a agreement to help any country from becoming Communist and Russia had a act to help any country that is trying to become Communist.

What happened?

- Russia went in with missiles and was aiming them at the US

- US spy planes seen the missiles and was worried

- They became very close to what would have been WWIII

- US and USSR talked it out

- US put embargo on Cuba


1954: fidel attacks Cuban gov/fails

1955: fidel gets released from prison

1956: castero returns to Cuba

1957: revolution gains momentum

1958: US boycotts Cuba

1959 Castro forces advance