A Powerful Presentation

compelling: adjective com·pel·ling \kəm-ˈpe-liŋ\

  • strong and forceful : causing you to feel that you must do something

On Wednesday, January 13, Aquin High School held their Pro-Life Mass in the Auditorium. At the end of Mass, Aquin's Catholic Identity group, led by Ms. Jamie Rogers, gave a very powerful presentation. Following are the text and videos as they were presented by each member of the group, Ms. Rogers read the final section. Compelling indeed.

(Warning: the language in the videos is graphic.)

The Presentation

It's such a blessing to look out into this crowd of students and see all of the blessings of life that God has bestowed upon this school. Just think about it. Everyone of you was born to be a part of Aquin. Every one of you was meant to be a part of this holy family.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world recognizes what a blessing each and every one of you are. In fact, there are those who would say, and do say, that some of you should not be here. Those same people say that our resources are limited in this world, and that society should not be subject to the extra burden of children whose parents are unable to provide for them independently of the charity of others.

This disgusting lie and others has lead men and women to lose trust in our ever-loving, ever-providing God. The fear of the stigma of having to look to others for help to raise their children leads millions of people every year to kill these unborn blessings. In fact, a new disgusting trend has begun, and the devil has once again perverted something that was created to help us celebrate and show support for one another.

Remember #DomStrong? Remember how we used that hashtag to stand in solidarity with one of our own brothers who was suffering and in need of our support. No one looked down on him for needing us. Imagine if people said to his parents the same things they say to mothers with unplanned pregnancies today:

  • “You won't be able to afford the medical costs.”
  • “You'll have to give up everything you love.”
  • “He'll probably grow up to be nothing but a burden on society.”
  • “Don't you want your freedom?”
  • “Killing him sounds difficult, but life would be so much easier without him. You'll have your whole life to look forward to, and nothing to hold you back.”

These statements seem difficult to hear, but they are just a few examples of the lies that are told to frighten mothers and fathers into killing their unborn children. What's more, a new hashtag has been founded to celebrate the killing of these children. Watch this example of one here:

#ShoutYourAbortion stories volume 1
That's right. The devil realizes that this generation is especially influenced by our social media. So he has hijacked what we once used to come together and celebrate and support life, to tempt others into doing the exact opposite.

Fortunately, our Christian friends up north in Canada have taken it upon themselves to fight back with their own version. Watch this video below and you will notice how this brave woman's testimony completely negates the “positive” experience from the first unfortunate woman.

We Joined the #ShoutYourAbortion Conversation And Not For The Reasons You May Think

Obviously, the second story you just heard is much more saddening than the first. And I hope you noticed that this testimony ended with a true statement of hope.

Jesus forgives all sins and will provide us with everything we need. With him leading the way, no woman needs to fear the unknown. Please keep in mind, that we did not bring this issue to your attention today to influence you to judge others. We don't even want you to judge the woman “celebrating” her abortion. She has been ensnared by the lies of the world, and we must pray for her.

In fact, we must pray for all women who are frightened into having abortions. And if you are brave enough, we hope that you can do even more than pray. We hope that you will be brave enough to come with us to Chicago on this Sunday to stand up for . . .

. . . people like me (Ms. Rogers) and my son Nathan,

. . . people like Mrs. Brubaker and her son Khyle,

. . . people like my son's stepmother and her daughter Aria,

. . . for every mother who is so frightened by the prospect of raising a child,

. . . for every father who wants to be a father even though he is completely without control of his own child's fate,

. . . for every child of God who wants to be born,

. . . please come stand with us and stand for us.

To stand for us is to tell us that you are here and that we don't have to turn to murder to better our lives.

Please offer your hands, your hearts, prayers, and your voices to help us.

Want to join the Chicago March for Life on Sunday?

Contact jamie.rogers@aquinschools.org or click here and message Emarc for all the details!