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Facts About Jamaica

  • Capital: Kingston
  • Population: 2,600,000
  • Abolished Slavery In 1834 (While Still Under British Rule)
  • James Bond Is Jamaican
  • Jamaica Is One Of The Only Two Country's To Not Have Red, White, or Blue On Their Flag (Mauritainia Is Only Other)
  • Very Few Snakes, The Mongoose Snake Has Killed More Than Half Of The Snake Population
  • African Slaves Brought A New Form Of Religion To Jamaica, Obeahism. Obeahism is a form of Voodoo that is still practiced on the island but is kept quiet because you can be punished to death if you got caught practicing Obeahism. People who practice this religion believe that Obeah man can bring evil spirits to bring good or bad luck to others.
  • In 1988, Jamaica became the first tropical country to enter in a winter Olympic sport. (Bobsledding)
  • Ethnic Groups: African American (90.9%), Mixed (7.3%), East Indian (1.3%), White (0.2%), Chinese (0.2%)


Jamaica is a Parliamentary Democracy governed under there constitution from 1962. It has a bicameral parliament made up of a 21-member senate and a 60-member house of representatives. The country has two main political parties, the Jamaican Labor Party and the People's National Party.

Jamaican Foods

A popular Jamaican food is "Curry Goat" Curry Goat's main ingredients are Goat Meat and Scotch Bonnet Peppers. It is often served at parties or family gatherings. Another Popular Jamaican food is fried plantain, fried plantain is cooked wherever plantains grow. Plantain is a low-growing green plant and is often in lawns in Jamaica. Most of Jamaicans popular foods have been adopted from East Asia, India or Spanish originality.

Jamaican Sports

Soccer is very popular in Jamaica, Jamaica's national soccer team has won the Caribbean Cup 6 times and has always done very well in the past in soccer. They are always ranked towards the top in the North American soccer league. Also, running is very big in Jamaica. The fasted man in the world, Usain Bolt, is from Jamaica his 40 meter dash time is barely over 4 seconds! Usain won several gold medals in the 2012 Summer Olympics

Andrew Holness

Andrew Holness is Jamaica's current Prime Minister of Jamaica. He has been Prime Minister since March 3, 2016. He is part of the People's Nation Party, he is 42 years old.