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Oman is a 1,000 mile long costal plain at the southeast tip of the Arabian Penninsula lying on the Arabian and Gulf of Oman. Oman has about 3,548,184 currently in it's population. Oman has an area of 212,460 square kilometers and a costal line that totals 2,092 kilometers
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The biggest city of Oman is Muscat which is also the capital. Muscat has about 797,000 people living there today.


The religion of Oman is Islam. Oman is the only country in the world where neither Sunni or shi'i dominates. It is a conservative country, but has much tolerance between religious gropus. Oman has all 4 major orientations of Islam represented. Ibadism dominates culturally and politically usually in the north and the mountains along the coast from Sur to the Dhofar reigon. Sunni Islam represents a minority in the country as a whole. Sunnis of Dhofar are part of a sunni belt that continues into Yemen all the way to Aden. Shi'is are disinct to certain people groups, the Luwatiys, the Bahrainis, and the ajam. Hinduism and Christianity are represented through the presence of immigrant workers from countries like India, Pakistan, and Western countries.

Places to Visit

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque- muslim place of worship
  • Bait Al Zubair Museum
  • Sultan's Armed Forces Museum
  • Al Ain Zoo
  • Omani French Museum
  • Al Alam Palace