Pyramids of Giza

The unbelievable monuments.

The Pyramids of Giza are unbelievable structures. They are the only standing ancient 7 wonders of the world. Each brick weighs around 15 tons, and they were hand carved. People often wonder why and how they were constructed, what's on the inside of the pyramids and if there is any hidden chambers. Scientists are learning new things about those topics everyday, they will most likely be answered completely within the next couple years.
The Pyramids of Giza were built for several reasons, here are some of them. They were believed to be divinely inspired. The shape of the pyramids represent the solicited rays of the sun. They were constructed to serve as the tombs of past pharaohs.
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How they were built.

How the pyramids are built is not known completely, some people think that the ancient Egyptians had the help of aliens. What we know for sure is that they were constructed from 2589 to 2504 BC. The pyramids were built out of carved limestone blocks. The Egyptians used a sled to carry the blocks of limestone across the sand, they wetted the sand in front of the sled to make it easier to pull/push. They most likely used a ramp made of brick to get the blocks of limestone higher up the pyramids.

Inside the pyramids.

Inside of the pyramids of Giza are pretty similar in each pyramid. While scientists were looking for thermal anomalies, scientists found one impressive one at the Khufu pyramid, indicating there is a secret chamber yet to be discovered.There is a King and queen chambers, a subterranean chamber, and some weight relieving chambers. There is also a Great Gallery, and an air shaft.

Scientists are constantly finding new information about the Pyramids, there are many questions on how they were constructed. In the near future it is most likely those questions are to be answered. The pyramids are on of the most known and admired structures in the world, and they are certainly worthy of the admiration.

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