Middle School Observations

Brooks Middle School

Learning Environment

The learning environment for each class was very different. The pace of the lesson was appropriate for the development levels and needs of each student. The teachers rooms were all decorated to the subject that they taught, you could clearly identify what you would be learning before you even heard the teacher speak. There was not a single classroom I went in that had a negative vibe.

Student/Teacher Interactions

  • The students that I observed in the classroom were all middle school. I went to see 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes, they were confused as to why I was there. The middle schoolers in my first class were somewhat disrespectful towards their teacher but overall seemed like an okay group of kids. As the day progressed the kids seemed to be less and less engaged and more rambunctious. Some students were more attentive to the teacher than others but even in college it's the same way. The strategies and activities used in the lessons reflected attention to the student's experience, preparedness, and learning styles.

School Atmosphere

The atmosphere was very upbeat. When I say that there were kids everywhere in the halls it is no exaggeration, there are so many kids they have a set of stairs that you are only allowed to go up and a set you are only allowed to go down during passing period.

Interesting Experience

The most interesting experience I had was seeing Malik's little sister. Since Malik and I are best friends we've been around one another's siblings a lot and seeing her around her friend's was a lot of fun. Plus it didn't hurt to see at least one familiar face.