Why I want to be school leader


Five Qualities of a me

1. Selflessnes

2. Good leadership skills

3. Playful person

4. Makes sacrfices

5. Good ideas

Being happy

I will make everyone happy and help the people that are hurt.I am an honest person i will tell the teacher if there is a bully or bad person on the playground.

Bad people

Some people are bad people like bullies or perople who do grafitti and swear. What i would do to stop them is to say no and go to tell the teacher or take away their spray cans or pencils or things like that because they did grafitti.

what i would do

I will make some more excursions and other fun stuff like a fairs! Or discos!

I would make the first week of school will have lost of free time and only one hour of learning a day for one week.

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Nobody Likes a Bully - How to Stop Bullying in Schools - Deal with Bullies - Why Do I Bully Prevent


This is a story about a boy being bulled. This story tells you what to do when you are bulled.The bully is also being called names from his mum. On the end they became friend. I will try to stop bullying and everyone can become friends.
Bullying We'll Stop It OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO- Long Branch Middle School


This is a song about bullying I will try to stop bully it is the most hurtful thing that is happing at school most kids are scared to tell the teacher because they thing it will make it more worst like fighting