My Smore Flyer

satirical s'mores essay

Church of love is a ministry that I've been apart of since i was a child. Although we are called Church of Love we do more then just love. We care, we nurture and most importantly we accept people as they come. We love our members so much that we try to help them change who they are so they don't feel left out. Our motto is come as you are, when you come we will do our best to modify you so you'll go according to the book. we are a house of solutions. God shows us the problem and he gives us the knowledge to find the solution . If you are not dress code appropriate not to worry, we have a special room at the back of the church so nobody feels uncomfortable with appearance. We don't care what you wear but we just don't want any distractions taking away from our lord.

We don't judge people. Especially on their sexual orientation but because we love them so much and don't want them to go to hell, we share our views and opinions with them, we are solely looking out for our fellow church members. We want every member of our church to go to heaven so we do our best to voice out our opinion on their sins so they can change it and join us in the house of the Lord when he comes back and brings us all home. if we didn't care, we wouldn't say anything, its more tough love then anything else. we don't hate and judge anyone, we simply love and help.