How Egyptians built the pyramids with out using modern tools

The Egyptians moved the stone using a raft on the Nile River. When the raft arrived to the pyramids, they lifted the stone onto sleds. Then the workers pushed them to the work site. Also I find it cool how they flattened out the ground by using the Nile River and dug out the ground. They used the Nile River when it was flooding season. After that they dug out the ground to flatten it out. Lastly, the Egyptians didn’t use modern day tools. Instead they used their hands by moving the stones. They also using copper chisels to shape the stones.

the Egyptians used the pyramids in many different ways

The pyramids are royal tomb because they kept the dead kings and queens. The pyramids kept the mummies safe. They put the valuable stuff like jewels with the kings and queens to show their power or riches. Lastly the pyramids were the stairs to the heavens. It was also a very holy place for the Egyptians to worship their gods. The Egyptians thought the top of the pyramids was were the ex rulers souls climbed the stairs to the heavens.

Unresolved secrets of the pyramids