Vote for My Mom

By William Davidson

My mother should be mother of the year because she is very talented at painting and drawing. She is also very beautiful and has beautiful hair and shoes. She is a very loving mother because she takes care of me when I am at home sick and she tucks me into bed at night and kisses me good night. She is a good cook because she cooks my favorite every day foods. She is a good cleaner because she cleans the bathroom and the living room . She lays out my clothes for me to put on in the morning and evening. She does the dishes and laundry. She plans my birthday parties and this year she planned a sleepover and she buys me awesome presents like last year she buyed me a TV. She drives me to dinner and lunch on the weekends. My mom brushes my teeth and buys me toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and mouth rinses so I have health teeth.