Rhode Island

New England Colony


In 1636, English settlers landed here. Roger Williams was a major figure in the settlement and creation of the Colony.

Locating the Great Rhode Island

Rolling hills and low flat lands cover this colony as well as some flowing rivers, mountains and thick treed areas. This does lead to some problems with farming causing many people look to other jobs for economic growth.
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The reason Rhode Island is such a great place and everyone wants to come is because of religion. Thanks to Roger Williams this colony was based around religious freedom and wanted people to worship and believe in what they wanted. This key part of Rhode Island is why this colony is so special and unique.

Rhode Island Life

Roger Williams created the great Rhode Island colony as a refuge for the prosecuted people causing Rhode Island to be a much freer place than other colonies. Economic growth was found in all types of manufacturing such as ship yard, horses, and maple syrup. This colony was also big in trade due to its location. Rhode Island was governed as a Charter Colony during this time.
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