The adventure of Jamaica

land and climate

1. Jamaica has a tropical climate.

2. Only 51 miles to jamaicas widest point.
3.Hurricane season lasts until june to november.



1. The spanish occupied the island until 1655.

2. Columbis landed on the island in 1494.

3. When it was captured and colonized by the english.

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1. The voting age is 18.

2. The election must be held every 5 years.

3. She is represented in jamaica by a govern-general.


1. Tourism is a key of element.

2. other important exports are bananas and rum and coffee and sugar.

3. Agriculture employs around 17 percent of the populatin.


1.The hotel that I am going to is a nice paradise.

2. The hotel that I am going to has 2 pools and 3 hot tubs in where I am going.

3. The hotel has a beach on the outside and it looks so pretty where my room is.


1 .We will be having 19 meals on jamaica we need to save up some to eat so far i have 2,024.

2. The meals that we are going to eat is go to cost me $900 dollars so we better eat good .

The activities

1. The activities that we have there are so awesome to do they have a zingline they have riding horses in the water

2. The thing that i am going to do is horse riding and other great stuff cant wait.......


1. I am going to buy some of my stuff out of this really nice store that i am dieing to go to it.
2. I am going to buy some nice shirts and some nice pants and shoes to where when i am on the island.