September ELA Newsletter

Back to School!

Back to School!

Wow, we are already almost a month into the school year! My 7th graders are AWESOME!

Upcoming Dates

Early Release- September 17th

No School- September 18th

Parent-Teacher Conferences- October 12th and 13th

Early Release- October 15th

No School- October 16th

Homework- Every night!

7th graders need to read 30 books this year. They are not logging their minutes, however, they are logging their books to make sure they are reading from different genres.

To meet the 30 book requirement, students are asked to read 30 minutes per night. They may read newspapers, magazines, or their own books that they select.

Library day is Friday, but students can return/check-out books anytime.

Last Call for Digital Volunteers!

Digital Volunteers will spend time leaving feedback for 3 - 4 students on KidBlog. If you can help out, the first (and hardest) step is to sign up. Students are currently drafting their first blog! We would love to get some Digital Volunteer feedback!

Here's how to sign up!

Digital Volunteer Training Session 1

Power School

Power School is a great way to monitor your students' grade in ELA. You will see that students receive Standards Based Grades (SBG) on their assignments, but traditional grades are given overall. If a grade is not a 3-0, then that skill is not mastered. That means, that student is not mastering seventh grade concepts. For example, the student may get a grade of 80%, but he or she is still not proficient in that category because the SBG is a 2-5. Great news though! Throughout the year, a student will have multiple opportunities to master concepts.

Furthermore, grades will fluctuate greatly over the next few months as students will perform better in certain areas. Just remember, look for "3-0s."

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me! I would, however, ask that you ask your child why they did not achieve proficiency first. Often dialogue is a great review for the student to identify what they need to know for the next time they are assessed. Rubrics are attached to your child's assignments, or they will have printed out copies of quizzes/test.

*If you do not know how to access PowerSchool, you can contact the main office.

Long Term Sub

Below is Ms. Koch, my long term sub. She will be with the kids for 12 weeks. My new baby has a kidney disease that will have to be monitored carefully, therefore I will have lots of doctors appointments to go to while I am out (not to mention snuggling the little guy!)

Ms. Koch has subbed in the district for years, and she has done several ELA long term sub jobs. She is originally from North Dakota. She has two adult children (one who was just married this June!). Lastly, she loves to read and shop.

I am confident she will support your child just as I would.

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