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The Bully is a story about a freshman in high school named Darrell Mercer. Darrell has many friends in Philadelphia,but Darrell has to move to California and attend Bluford High.

Darrell is very skinny and short. He gets bullied by a bigger boy named Tayray Hobbs. Darrell meets a girl named Amberlynn Bailey, he secretly likes her. Darrell joins the wrestling team to defend himself. Towards the end of the story, Darrell fights Tyray and breaks Tyray's wrist. In conclusion, The bully is a great book for all ages and is very entertaining.


Darrell has changed throughout the story because at first he was very skinny and short, but he soon joins the wrestling team and becomes stronger. As he gets stronger he eats more, does push ups, and attends wrestling practices. He gets braver and more confident. Soon he is confident and strong enough to break Tyray Hobb's wrist.
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Paul Langan is the author of The Bully, a book from the bluford series. Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia. In 1991,Paul Langan attended Camden county college.

Paul Langan has written Survivor, Breaking Point,Schooled,Payback,The Bully, and many more.

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A book that reminds me about The Bully is The Blossoming Universe Of Violet Diamond written by Brenda woods, a great author and story teller.

This book is about a girl who lost her dad in a car accident before she was born, and he was African american, but her mom is white. Violet is biracial and is trying to find out about her dad's side of the family, the African american side of her family. She finds information about her grandmother online, her grandmother is a famous artist. Violet and her mom go to visit her grandmother in another state. Violet's dad's side of the family doesn't like violet's mom. Due to that violet gets to go with her grandmother to LA without her mom.

Violet is tired of getting funny looks from people when she is walking with a white family, so she tries to learn more about the African Americans in her family.

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