What is Stress?

Can stress be good and bad ?


Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events it's the body's way of rising to the challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation. The events that provoke stress are called stressors, and they cover a whole range of situations.

Bad stress can be termed as distress and manifest itself in a chronic or ongoing stress that begins to hinder your everyday life and stops you from completing tasks you need to undertake .

Good stress is inspires and motivates us to rise to a challenge, making us realize more of our potential.

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Causes and Effects of Stress

Some causes can be your work, school, sports, family etc. and the effects of possibly having a lot of stress are:

  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • a feeling of being constantly persuaded,hassled,and hurried
  • irritability and moodiness
  • having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind
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Stress Management

  • put on some music and dance around
  • take your dog for a walk
  • exercise
  • talking to people
  • laughing
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How does affect your health ?

  • forty three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress
stress can play a part in problems such as headaches,high blood pressure,heart problems, anxiety depression,arthritis
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What can you do about Stress

If you are stressed out go and try to take your mind off of it , go do what ever relaxes you like yoga or listening to music or even taking a shower . Then after a couple of minutes go try again with out getting so stressed out .
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who is affected by stress

Are health and body can be affected and the people all around us such as family, friends can be affected by are moods and actions . Some people stress so bad they could even die.

Who else is affected by your Stress

Well the people you see in your everyday lives like family , friends,classmates, people that work with you in your job and maybe even doctors .
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Who is affected by your Stress

Well people in your everyday lives like family, friends, classmates, the people you work with in your job and even maybe a doctor. Your family or friends can help you with stress by taking you to a doctor.
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