By:Clay Wagner


The Euglena moves by one flagellum which is a long whip-like structure that acts like a motor

The Euglena reproduces by Mitosis and Binary Fission A sexual and sexual.

The Euglena eats by photosynthesis and its cell membrane.

The Euglena responds by the eyespot that helps it find light.

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Amazing Microscopic HD Video! Euglena veridis. Structural Detail @ 1000X. 1080p!


Amoeba gets its food by Surrounding its food with pseudopods.

Amoeba moves from its pseudopods.

The Amoeba reproduces with binary fission A sexual

The Amoeba responds by it turns into eyest when conditions are bad.

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Amoeba eats two paramecia (Amoeba's lunch)


The Paramecium gets its food using cilito sweer food into the oral groove.

The Paramecium moves by Tiny hair like things called Cilia.

The Paramecium reproduces asexually and sexually and it uses Binary Fission and Conjugation.

The Paramecium responds by Avoidence behavior and sending out strings of cytoplasm this is called Triocyst.

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The Volvox gets its food by photosynthesis.

The Volvox moves by its two flagella's.

The Volvox Reproduces by daughter colonies.

The Volvox responds in colonys.

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Volvox - daughter cells inside of mother colony