Français 2016-QUOI DE NEUF?

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

Français 3

We are reading the book Voyage de Sa Vie. For some students it is the first book that they have read in French! This gives them a lot of confidence in learning the language.

One of the ways that I encourage using the language in different ways is to have the students present a small project by using graphics. They have a lot of fun and then they can present it orally to the class. See the example to the right of a Storyboardthat project.

Français 4

In French 4 we spend a lot of time studying film as a means to learning new vocabulary and learning about francophone culture. Film also helps students develop critical thinking skills and it is fun to see how much each students grow with their comfort in this area en français.

The class has just finished the film "Maurice Richard-The Rocket" in which the class was exposed to French Canadian culture, the history of the French and English in Canada as well as the Quebecois in Quebec. This also gave us time to discuss the role that sports plays in society (and historically) and what it can mean for youth.

We have viewed 2 other films in the first quarter which were: My Best Friend (Mon Meilleur Ami (theme of friendship); The Class (Entre les Murs (themes of the French school system, Paris & problems with immigration/emigration).

We are about to begin our viewing of Sarah's Key (Elle s'appelait Sarah). This presents a heavier topic of France's role in the Holocaust. The film can provoke some emotional responses on many levels and we will have some great discussions in class. Be sure to ask your son or daughter what they are taking away from it. We are doing some research in advance understand the Vichy Government and this important time in history for France from 1940-44.

We also work a lot on creating realistic dialogues with new vocabulary as well as working on presentations. Here is one from the beginning of the year about a student's summer which he produced on WeVideo.

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