October 2016

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Reminder to all MARSian families.....If you haven't already done so, please renew your USAS membership this month. All renewals are due by Nov 1st. Please note: If you joined the team after August 1st, 2016 you are already registered for 2017 and do not need to renew. If you joined the team prior to August 1, 2016 you need to renew. Registration is on a calendar year, not 12 months from the day you joined the team.

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE!! To renew your membership, log into your account online and click Start Registration. SELECT RENEWING MEMBER, NOT THE GROUP YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY SWIMS IN. If you click the group your child swims in you will be charged the new member registration rate and tuition for the month (you don't want that). By clicking RENEWING MEMBER you are only charged the reduced renewal rate and no extra tuition payment. Each swimmer also needs to fill out a 2017 USAS membership application. USAS still uses the paper form for 2017. These are available at each pool and on our website under the Parents Page tab. Please turn these in to your pools' supervisor or MARS Super-Parent helping with registration at the pools. If you have any questions please contact Lauren ( or 817-271-1537).

Please remember that we must have everyone's renewal by November 1st. The NT Registrar has told us those renewal applications received after that date will not be processed until after January 1st. This means swimmers not registered for 2017 will not be allowed to swim after January 1st, until their renewal gets processed by USAS. This could take a few weeks into January.

Why do you have to register by Nov 1st? Because USAS has more than 400,000 members, North Texas has more than 6600, and MARS more than 500. All need to get processed before Jan 1st. With the holidays in there, the number of working days are reduced.

Coach Brian

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Ask MARSian Parent

Q: If I joined the team in August 1st or later due I have do complete registration again ?

A: No.

Q: I have been with MARS for a couple of years now and I know I should remember the "how to" register... However, only doing it once a year, I have forgotten - again.

A: Renewing families have a few steps.

  • complete online registration and select (renewing family) not your swimmers group

  • make a payment of $75 Annual Registration and $76 USAS registration

  • fill out a USAS registration from

  • Sign a new policies and procedures from

(both 3 and 4 can be picked from your pool)

Q: If I don't plan to swim with MARS in 2017 what should I do.

A: You should email Coach Lauren or Office Manager with your swimmers 30 day notice.

Q: How many service hours will we owe for 2016?

A: We will each owe 16 service hours for 2016 per family that have swimmers in Bronze and above groups.

Q: How can I see how many service hours I owe?

A: Login to the Mars Team Web Site.

Select My Account on the right.

Select $My Invoice/Payments.

Select the Service Hours tab.

If your number shows a positive value, then that is what you owe.

Q: What is the difference between a Positive Check In and Pre-Seeded swim meet.

A: Postive Check In -- The procedure required before a swimmer swims an event in a deck seeded swim meet. The swimmer must mark their name on a list posted by the meet

host. These check in sheets are usually located near the front door. 30

minutes before each event is scheduled to run, the check in sheet for that event

is pulled, seeded and a Meet Program is printed and posted. The Meet

Program contains the heat and lane assignment for each swimmer in that event.

Pre-Seeded -- A meet conducted without a bull pen in which a swimmer knows what lane and heat they are in by looking at the Meet heat sheet or posted meet program.

Do you have a question for the MARSian parent? Email at

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Celebrating October Birthdays:

Mackenzie Eubank, Grant Tinker, Matthew Troy, Arjun Dabas, Madison Woolley, Brynlee Sweet, Christian, Hambrock Azimi Helena Smith, Arriannah Cross, Maeve Ciesiolka, Sabira Zaidani, Rachel Jones, Sophia Lee, Mitchell Hulme, Mauren Dodson, Kaden Nguyen, Kayla Brattin, Grace Rogers, Sarah Adejokun, Jacob Neesen, Emma Huckabee, Andrea Villagomez, Summer Cervantes, Dean Frohm, Jose Garcia Bonilla, Mason Montgomery, Jonathan Lamas, Paola Luzuriaga, Hudson Williams, Alice Dalebroux, Renee Raschio, Hannah Blank, Sarah Habib, Kason Johnson, Casey Mitchell, Veronica Romero, Abbigayle Cross, Jeffrey Liu, Mila Hughes-Shalom, Rafael Alonso, Holly Nichols, Darren Yang, Olivia Anderson