20 facts

Facts on Germany

Location and population-
  • Germany comes from latin Germania
  • The northern part lies in the Baltic and north sea
  • 23 million immigrants came to Germany
  • Only three cities are populated with over one million people
  • Berlin,Germany is the highest populated with 3.5 million people
  • German is spoken through out Europe
  • German is the national language
  • official language of Switzerland
  • immigrated to other parts of the world
  • North and south America have German speaking communities
  • 1/3 of Germany is catholic
  • 1/3 is protestant
  • most towns and religions belong to catholic
  • catholic domination is active
  • 4% is Muslim
  • considered world champions of holidays
  • enjoy hiking and tennis
  • enjoys music and theater
  • most live in apartments
  • schools closed 13 weeks in a year for holidays
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