Her adventure

"Loving everyone around"

Maudie's opinion

Miss Maudie was s kind heard,joyful lady, and all the kids loved her. All of the children liked her and she liked them. Miss Maudie would bake for them and let them play on her lawn. In the novel the kids say " you're the best lady I know ". Miss Maudie encourages the kids to do good. This changes the readers perspective by giving us an insight on the other characters through miss Maudie.

What's her purpose in the novel

Why she is here

Happier lee includeds miss Maudie as a main character in the novel because miss Maudie has been in this town for along time and she knew how to act around certain people.mshe knew show to act around. The chide ten use her as a mother to take care of them. She treats her children as her own and is there for them.
To Kill A Mockingbird Miss Maudie