All About Oceans

All About Oceans

Ecosystem Description

It is often warmer in the middle and often cold at the edge at the top it is cold and at the bottom it is warm.

Interesting Facts

They are lots of different kinds of plants in different oceans. There are about 3.5 pounds of salt are in 100 pounds of saltwater.

Human Impact on the Ecosystem

People leave trash and stuff and it is hurting the ecosystem. People are picking up trash and stuff it is helping the ecosystem.


The sunfish eats kelp. The sunfish has rough skin. Many ocean animals have to protect themselves. Sunfish females can lay about 300 eggs at one time.
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White Shark

A White Shark has a large belly. They also have a sharp pointed snout, large dorsal fins and a strong crescent shaped tail. Only the belly of white they have a pattern of dark blue gray or brown on their back side the shark eats the fish in the water.
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Octopus are basically shy and attacks an human are rare .
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All About Plants


The seaweed in the ocean is really long plants that are in all kinds of oceans.
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Kelp are plants that grow to 125 feet leangth kelp are long brown seaweed.
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Red Algae

The red algae has been under water for more then 50 years.They grow less then 600 feet.
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