Come to Uranus!!!

(One of the more gassy planets)


  • It's the coldest planet out there, but our insulated space suits make it feel like Mercury!
  • It is tilted at a 98 degree angle, but our gyroscopic land makes you feel like there isn't a tilt at all!
  • It has twelve rings in all, which makes a great sunset!
  • Every day takes 17 hours, so you only have to eat twice a day!! (Unless you want to pig out, after all, it's vacation time!!)
  • Out of the 82 years it takes to orbit the sun, Uranus only gets 42 years of sunlight, then the planet is dark for the next 42 years. (Come quick, it just started to get light!!)
  • It takes 7.3 years to get to Uranus, but new technology has enabled us to slow down time and make it about 1 month!!
  • The 27 moons around Uranus ensure a stunning night sky.
  • No one knows what the rings around Uranus consists of, so if you are a visiting scientist, you could be the first to find out!!
  • If America is the biggest place you've ever lived in, you will be mind-blown by Uranus' amazing size of 63 earths!
  • If you want to get lighter, and feel lighter, you can on Uranus, where the gravity is only about 86%, so if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 86 pounds on Uranus!!

More Information

How will we get there?

We will be going in a top-of-class B-45 giant space shuttle with time-slowing capacity, and you will fill the month trip with intergalactic hover sports and space walks.

How would you navigate the planet?

Well, before you leave your cabin in the morning, you strap on a space suit and the jetpack that comes along with it. You then go to any of the large domes you want to go to using your jetpack, (including the meal dome, the party dome, and the sports dome).

Can we visit any moons?

If you are willing to pay an extra $50,000, then are smaller shuttles ready to transport people to any of the 27 moons.

What types of accommodations are on the planet so that humans can live?

Depending on family size or single occupation, everyone will have a 100% gravity, heated, and oxygenated cabin with a great view. As for outside the cabin, just remember to have your insulated space suit on at all times!!

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Come now, while offers last!!

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 12am


We are now offering $1,000,000 per person!!*

*Through October 23, while there are still spots left.