Life doesn't start till basketball season starts - Unknown

My uncle played baskteball at a young age. As I watch him play at his game against other team, I began to fascinate basketball of how they move how much they interact with thier team. I was about 4 or 3 don't remember but at a young age I sorta started to like basketball buying a basketball hoop to shoot some basket with my uncle/father. I love to wear basketball shoes since I was younger. It's about 12/11 years I enjoyed watching my uncle played basketball with his team and shot some basket in my bedroom. I absolutly like about basketball is how much it relieves my stress and helping me think about one thing and not being so overwhelm. Yes there's few problems in life as I shoot some basket or play with my cousin it does help me relieves stress. Sometimes it involved some math I know few people don't see but to be honest I sorta see it. As the coach direct me to that place,but sometimes they're wrong. I just gotta figure it out for myself and do some math see if it works out for me. Knowing where I'm supposed to go. I've accomplish was meeting new people and gaining some confidence. Most of all is having fun and communicate with your teamate and figure out where are we supposed to go and what we need to do, just to beat that team. Being aggressive is the most important thing in basketball and show them you're angry show them a mad face and have that other team being afraid of us. For my opinion Winning isn't important what's important is getting to know people and just to have fun.
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Stephen Curry Inspires me

Stephen Curry admired me so much as I first saw him shooting basketball not closed to the basket but further away and he made it I was in awe. I couldn't believe it in my own eyes how could he do that it's impossible for. As I learned so much about Stephen Curry last or 2 years ago. He started playing basketball at a very young age and didn't gave up what it's about is not giving up. I felt so guilty of giving up basketball this year. He never gave up even if he was injuried still he would never give up on basketball he'll persvere. For me he's not a quitter. Quitter are failer the person who doesn't quit just succeed at reaching their goals of what they wanted to be. I’m not the guy who’s afraid of failure. I like to take risks, take the big shot and all that.-Stephen Curry

This quotes just inspired me so much the reason why is because failing and giving up for my dreams makes me feel useless. So not giving up for the dream and persevering and wanting to keep playing basketball i need to go for it and not care of what people have to say. Sticking with my interest for so long. How much he didn't give up makes me not want to give up as i read his quotes it made me wonder why did i not joined basketball this year. so next year I'm going to join doesn't matter. What worth it is Achieveing my goal and sticking with my interest also stay with something i love to do.

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Some of the top jobs Included:

Enjoy watching the ball and not being Bored

  1. Does it take practice to become a proffessional coach? Does it require to go to college to become a coach?
  2. Sports Publisher- While interviewing with the players. What if they don't answer the rest of the questions that their fans are curious? Will they say it's personal or they'll push you away?

We are Yoga buddies

Ask a few questions about basketball and coaching with the person who coaches basketball at school or in general to get an idea of how did they coach and what are some things they need to do.

Research more about those 3 jobs, that said something absolutly specific not confusing.

Write down something important about those job.

How can they make those player be so energetic