The Kodak Waterproof Camera

The Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera


Video cameras and camcorders are two things which almost every single person these days wants to make certain that they have readily available. For individuals who have already been shopping around in stores and on the Internet you need to already recognize that these cameras can cost hundreds of dollars. Although many parents are searching for a video camera for their children they're not willing to invest this sort of cash for fear that it is going to get broken easily. However there are options available for folks who still want a camcorder but don't want to invest that much cash. The Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera is just one of these other choices you have for purchasing a quality video camera at a lower price.

Looking Depth Into the Camera

Although this camcorder is a lot less than a few of the other models available you should understand that you're not going to be losing any of the quality you would be looking for in a camcorder. Many folks already recognize that mainly because this has the name Kodak on it, this is going to be a fairly good quality piece of equipment. High definition video recording is vitally important to many people and you are going to discover that you can actually record in 720p making use of this device.

This camcorder also is included with loads of features and we will cover some of them below. One of the greatest things relating to this is you can easily connect this to your computer mainly because it has a pop out USB arm that is built into the camera. This is in addition going to make it quite simple for you to e-mail your videos to relatives or even upload them to your video sharing sites. If you take a look at other video cameras in this price range you're going to discover that many will not have a feature like this.

Yet another great quality relating to this camcorder would be the fact that it is actually waterproof in up to 10 feet of water. The wonderful thing about this is that you can actually use it by the pool without fear of dropping it in and ruining it. This is additionally more than simply a waterproof video camera as it has the capabilities of recording videos underwater up to 10 feet down. Of course once you've finished recording your videos you may possibly like the fact the you are able to hook it directly up to your new high definition television and enjoy the videos with your family. This will enable you to share your videos in style together with your family and friends.

Right now Amazon is currently selling this video camera for $79.00 if you purchase it from their website. For those of you who are unaware that is actually about $21.00 off of the list price that you would need to purchase this for if you were to buy it in a local store. The Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera is really a good option for anybody who is trying to find an inexpensive but good quality video camera.

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