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January 11, 2016

Teaching & Learning

Schedules for technology: Diana sent out the new computer schedule and the scope/sequence for technology learning content. Below are links to the two documents.

Schedule -

Scope -

Modified Prep Schedule: Below is the prep schedule for the weeks of January 18-29. We have MLK Day off and Buy Back day the following week. The bright yellow blocks represents the switched preps. (See below)

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Data Meeting Schedule: I had a chance to meet with many of you last week to discuss your student's reading levels and there was some great insights and next steps that came out of these meetings. I am looking forward to meeting with the remainder of the staff this week. Below is a copy of this week's Data Meetings.

Tuesday 1/12

8:30: Hanna

9:30 Kari

10:30 Zinia & Kim

11:30 Julie

1:15 Brigid

2:15 Evanne & Nakachi

Friday 1/15

9:15 Monique & Shelby

10:15 Shelby

1:15 Kim S.

2:15 Nakachi

Lunch Time Switch:

This is a reminder that next week we will switch lunch times. Here is a link to the Lunch schedule

SRI & SMI Assessments Weeks: Below is a copy of the schedule for SMI/SRI Assessment Week. 2nd - 3rd grade teachers should think and have a plan for helping students prepare for the SRI assessment. SMI is still very new for us, and we will not review the data from this exam as a whole staff; however, I will send results from this test to classroom teachers.

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Science Content: Below is a link to a document with the Science Content that Kim will be covering during the second trimester for all grades. Teachers, please bring back library books about Earth Science ASAP so that I can return them and receive new books for Life Science.
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Chapter 510: Our 2nd graders last year worked with a fantastic organization, Chapter 510, reading and writing poetry. There was an article about Chapter 510 in SF Gate. Here is a link to the article. We currently have a grant through Chapter 510 that allows us to have an Artist in Residence that works with our Kinder classes on poetry reading and writing. The hope is Chapter 510 will follow this cohort throughout their time at AWE.
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I received this amazing picture from our former Acorn student, Dilbert Iraheta (older brother of Sandra & Brian), in India during winter semester abroad trip!

School Culture

Chants: Bilingual strand’s week

Leader of the Week: SEI strand’s week

College & Career Day: I want to make sure this is on your radar. College and Career day is scheduled for Friday March 4th. Please reach out to friends who you think would be good presenters for our students.

MLK Oratorical: Everything is all set for January 22nd. If you are interested in scheduling stage time to practice, email me dates with times you would like to go.

81st Ave Library Celebration: The 81st Ave library is turning 5 years old on Saturday, Jan 30th, and to celebrate, they are throwing a party. Derrick wants to acknowledge the partnership with Acorn and EnCompass by having a student performance/exhibition on this day. There is time from 2:30-3:00pm for either showcasing students' artwork, students to give a short performance, or anything else which would be possible. Please let me know if you would be willing to have your students present during this celebration or have ideas as to how we can help make this day special.