The Space Race and the Cold War

By Stephen Laming

How They Are Similar

The space race and the Cold War have striking similarities, besides being between the same two countries. In both one country would respond to what another country did, wether it be build more nukes, or spend more money on space research. Also they both ended with the US winning, because the Soviet Union collapsed (probably from spending too much money on the space race). Finally they are the same because it was a hot international topic. The US, Soviet Union, and many other countries around the world had made gambles on one side winning over the other.
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How They Are Different

Though these two topics are greatly connected, they differ in many ways too. First, the space race achieved something that has changed the world, space travel. Nothing of this caliber came out of the Cold War. Next, the Cold War had many bad side effects. After the Soviet Union collapsed, thousands of people were left stranded. Also the Soviet Union had horrible human rights. Finally the Cold war was a fairly official distrust between two countries, the space race was never actually a race, people just took it like that.
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Why They Are Important

The space race is important because it changed society for the better by allowing human beings to go into space. This opened up a huge amount of new abilities and technological advances. The Cold War will be remembered as the war between two countries where nobody got killed.