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Newspaper Article by: Kiara Trejo

Advice Column

Dear Rachel Carter,

My boss has just bought these new virtual headsets that are supposed to make our work here in the "office" a lot easier. It's been working really well, and I haven't noticed any problems with the headset itself. However, I've noticed that when I put on my headset, time really seems like it is elapsing. For example, about 4 days ago I had put on my headset at about 2:00 pm and used it for my assignment that my boss had given me at work. I was doing my work for about 30min; but I when I took off my headset I noticed that the clock on my work desk said that it was 6:00pm. Now I know the old saying that says "time flies when your having fun", but I can assure you that I was not working on that assignment for 4 hours! This has become a concern because just yesterday, these kids I "met" showed me this news report stating that the headsets were dangerous and should not be used anymore. Then it said that the news was a scam and that I shouldn't worry about it. I don't know who or what to believe anymore. Should I still use my headset, or get rid of it for good? Please give me some advice.

-The concerned employee

Dear The concerned employee,

I have noticed that a lot of people are starting to write to me with problems they are having with their headsets and I tell every single one of them the same thing, STOP USING THE HEADSETS! I saw the news report that you say those kids showed you and to give you my opinion, I don't think the report was a scam. My very own brother was also having the same problem you are having. He's be on that headset for about 3 hours, but when I ask him about it he starts getting mad because he feels like I'm over exaggerating because he thinks he's only been on for 40-45min. If I were you, I would stop using the headset and I would get your boss and fellow co-workers to stop using them too. I have a bad feeling about those things and I feel that they are way to dangerous and shouldn't be messed around with.

-Rachel Carter

Brain Jack Movie Review

The new Brain Jack movie is out and it's the best movie I've ever seen. In the movie their is drama, police chases, danger, and much more. The creator of the original book ,Brian L. Falkner, has decided to put his creation up on the big screen. A young man named Sam Wilson is a young teenage boy who is an amazing hacker. But that skill can get you into trouble if you mess with the wrong people. Although, when a new headset device comes into the market, Sam realizes that the device is a real problem. It turns out that the headset is attached to your conscious and your mind can get hacked. Now Sam has to try and save the world from the latest techno device. Along the way he meets other hacker geeks like Kiwi, a red headed boy who is always getting into trouble. And Vienna, a smart girl who is an expert at disguises. This movie is a must see and is for anyone who loves technology or jail breaks. I recommend it.


Feature Article

When teenage hacker, Sam Wilson, and his best friend Fargas go to a hacker convention; they get put to the test when a man named Dodge and his girlfriend Vienna tell the boys to hack the most important building in the U.S.A, the white house. Sam decides to take on the challenge and starts his hacking the very next day. He ends up getting through and finds out that a secret hacker society always has their "meetings" in the white house. The hack was a success and Sam didn't get caught, yet. However, the day after the hack Sam gets a surprise visit from the FBI. Sam starts to worry and has no idea what to do. Does he open the door and risk getting taken to jail, or does he try to escape and hide from the police before they notice that he is gone. You'll have to read the book Brain Jack to find out what Sam decides to do.
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