Mike Mullin

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“This post-apocalyptic tale is one that combines reality with the stuff of nightmares, crawls under your skin, and forces you to question your own courage and survival instincts.”

— Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder


"I rubbed the Skittles clean on the inside of my shirt and ate them and the Starbursts. Mom would have told me not to spoil my dinner with candy. I wished I had a dinner to spoil. Or a mom to tell me."
I think this quote relates to the conflict of this book because before the ashfall happened, Alex took his relationship with his mother for granted and never really appreciated her. Now he doesn't even know if she is alive, or whether he will be able to stay alive long enough to find her if she is alive.
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It was just a normal day for Alex Halprin until his town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and most of the United States, went into complete darkness. Everything in sight was coated in ash due to a volcano eruption at Yellowstone National Park. Ashfall is about Alex's journey to find his family and along the way he faces many new people and near-death situations.