Conner Ibach

The Great Gatsby

A little about me

I'm Conner i spend most of my time on the internet and playing video games, If i had to choose a spot (other than my house) i would have to choose somewhere quiet where i can think. I have a huge love for Bears because Bears are the best. Anyways in terms of my past its be plagued with depression and hard times, I've lost a lot in my life and i would really like to not talk about it with anyone :D.
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Good things that have happened

Some of my more proud memories are stuff like me getting my licence the first try not failing any classes in the past 2 years and generally not being a pain in anyone's side

Favorite Book/Story

I would have to say that i like the Percy Jackson series,i love adventure and hero's and this and that. As well i am really a sucker for any fairy tale with a new spin on it,i always find those interesting.