To: Dr. Brad Herzog , From: Dr.Jhon , Date: October 17, 2013

Subject: Problem Analysis Report

Problem of obesity

The problem I would like to address is nothing else than highlighted problem of obesity in the states. This problem is more or less a concern of whole world. However, the USA is facing serious after effects of this. There are highlighted states with major obesity rate. Michigan schools are implementing policies to deal with it.

Obesity Rate

The obesity rate is increasing here leading to an increase in the health cost as well. Michigan University of technology is taking special concerns as a healthy nutrient is directly related with the good efficient output. American children are too much obese as compare to children of other countries; the reason is evident and clear. Intake of excessive calories is a way to obesity.

Health Policies of School

A school health coordinator is the one who manages all health policies of school. Besides Michigan there are Texas, North Carolina and other states where strict food policies in schools are implementing. There is school health index introduced by the university.

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Problem Analysis Report

Growing Problem of Obesity in the States Hassan Aldubaisi RPW 300

October 17, 2013


Michigan school of information circulates knowledge of technology so that people can utilize it well. The fundamentals of technology are shared in the institution. There are defining ideas regarding information and technology. It is working for 80 years. As the students here, use computer in excess therefore becoming obese at increasing rate. The university is concerned regarding health of student, (Official Website of University, 2013).

Obesity rate is also increasing in region of Michigan. In order to keep students healthy, wealthy and wise it is good if university gives some education to students.

The role of school is prominent in reducing childhood obesity. American children are too much obese as compare to children of other countries; the reason is evident and clear. Intake of excessive calories is a way to obesity. Fast food franchises and such things are another cause of this. Fast food does have more calories as compare to fresh vegetables and fruits, (Michigan Govt. 2011). According to national association of state boards and education, the health and success of a student in a school are two interrelated terms. The schools do have a role to play because they can change the eating habits of a person.

Problem Statement

A child’s eating habits are influenced by various factors such as family’s society, business, government and the media. Schools cannot trigger obesity directly but they can introduce policies regarding proving quality food to their own students. Owing to the reason the Michigan University of Information have implemented rules and policies regarding physical activity and policies of food availability at school. The problem is rising since past years. The Michigan University of Information has published various journals regarding relationship between healthy food and output of students in studies. Physical education is also related with the academic performance. Thus, Michigan University of information is strongly influencing on health of student, it is focusing on health education and physical education, nutrition, and health services, psychological and social services for people and healthy environment of schools. Teachers give them awareness about healthy intake. Teachers also play their role in giving and teaching nutrition etiquettes to students.

Problem Evidence

It is indeed good to understand what obesity is. Obesity is having too many fats on a body. The body becomes lose and out of shape in obesity. There is a body mass index for each boy and girl. The person is considered obese if the weight is more than twenty percent of the ideal weight of a girl or a boy. Obesity is becoming common among students of ever age. The childhood obesity is even harder to trigger. The 17.1 percent of teens and children are those who were obese by 2004 whereas childhood obesity is even more severe in children of 2-19 years. More than 12.5 million of children of this age are overweight in America. Only five percent among them are highly obese at alarming rate. Usually blacks and Hispanics are overweight. The research shows that obesity rates are increased since 1980 to 2000, (Michigan Govt. 2011).

(The graph showing the prevalence of obesity among boys aged 12-19 since 1088 to 2008. Retrieved from

Obesity is a fact everywhere in the States. The obesity of children is affecting schools of Michigan. According to the reports, Michigan is the tenth most obese state among all fifty states of the region. The adult obesity rate is even increasing more than ever before. The adult obesity rate is not less than 31.1 percent. This was only 13.2 percent in 1990. Childhood obesity and adult obesity both are affecting level and quality of education seeking among students. There are 13 states in the United States of America in which obesity rate is not less than 30 percent. By 1980, there was no state that was more than fifteen percent of obesity rate. By 2007, only Mississippi’s was having an obesity rate more than thirty percent.

Designating a school health counselor

A school health coordinator is the one who manages all health policies of school. Besides Michigan, there are Texas, North Carolina, and other states where strict food policies in schools are implementing. There are school health index introduced by the very university. There is a self-assessment and planning guide, there are strengths and weaknesses of every policy, the university is currently in a phase of analyzing all weaknesses and strengths. The school nutrition policies are highlighting with various other options. Soft drink machines are banned in institutions of Michigan. Studies have shown that student relies on energy drinks and soft drinks instead of eating proper and nutritious food. High quality course of studies regarding physical education is very essential.

Obesity several affects the health of a person. There are many obesity related conditions that can arise in a healthy patient. These are nothing else than heart disease, cancers and diabetes. The medical cost of the obese people is more than $1429, (USA Govt. 2012). It is another fact that universality has accumulated that non-Hispanic blacks are more obese as compare to whites, the reason behind this is the change in low and higher incomes. The people with higher incomes are more obese as compare to the people with lower incomes. Thus, students and children of high income families are tend to be more obese as compare to others. By 2009, there were three out of every ten persons who were obese. This ratio leads to an approximate 35 percent of obese people in Michigan. The health care costs of the state are also rising and thus government budget is getting affected. There are $12.5 billion that are spent on obesity related health issues. Health communities are active in Michigan. This is about rethinking and planning about communities. The purpose of this community is to prevent health risks. There are local advisory groups for schools and universities as well, (Michigan Govt. 2011).

In conclusion, awareness about the harmful effects of obesity among the students is needed to be developed. They can become productive citizens only when they are aware of their physical needs. The physical education must be based on national and international merits of health.


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