Endangered Species

Elephants : Leah Atkins

scientific name

Elephas Maximus


the Asian Elephant is a herbivore because they mostly eat plants and fruits

the Elephant needs to eat an average of 150 kg per day to survive. They can spend more than two thirds of each day feeding on grasses. But they also devour large amounts of bark, roots, leaves and stems. and stuff such as bananas, rice and sugarcane are also favored foods - sometimes bringing them into conflict with humans.

Elephants habitats

Asian Elephants their habitat is a variety of tropical forest habitats from moist, evergreen lowland forest to dry semi-deciduous teak forests to cooler mountain forests up to 10,000 feet. They live in Nepal,India, and southeast Asia.

Evolution of Elephants through time

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Where the Asian Elephants live in the world

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