Human Trafficking

Stop the madness!

Save Our Girls!

Girls across the nations are getting snatched day by day by human traffickers. These guys are taking women and girls to be traded as sex slaves. Human trafficking isn't only women traded as sex slaves they can also be forced into marriage with a pimp and then have to sell their body. The business makes almost $31.6 billion of international trade per annum. Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest-growing activities of trans-national criminal organizations. Women were referenced as victims in 85% of sex trafficking cases, and men in 40% of labor trafficking cases. Being a victim in human trafficking can physically and emotionally tear women and girls apart. Most of time these women have been drugged and abused throughout these trades or during the assault.

Everyday of the week our council meets at the Abused Center downtown.

We have meetings and sessions at 4:30 here for girls and women that have been abused in the sex trafficking business that need someone to talk too. This center can be is a safe place for the girls to stay to get away from their pimps.


Come to a safe and good enviroment!

Some of the girls are scared to come here because they don't want their pimp finding them. Frequently asked questions by the girls are is it safe? How do we help them? & how long can they stay? Yes, girls this is a safe environment and we have plenty security at night when the girls stay. We help the girls with therapy and group discussions. Also, everybody is allowed to stay as long as they want too. Come! We can help you!