Newman's News

May 15, 2016


We had a very busy week, as we are in full swing reviewing for the End of Grade Tests. I am seeing a great work ethic from our students. They are taking their review very seriously! Thank you for your support at home with their homework and assignments. Keep it up!

A Few Things...

  • The last Scholastic Book Order of the year is due this Friday, May 20th. Please order all your summer books by this weekend so that we have time to get them in! (online class activation code is HKZRV)

  • EOG Spirit Week is next week. Each day will have a different theme to celebrate the students’ hard work and get them psyched up for the EOG’s. ..

  • Monday: “Dress to Impress” wear your nicest clothes because you are going to impress everyone by showing your strategies on the EOG.

  • Tuesday: “Score Big” wear your favorite team t-shirt or jersey because you are going to score big on the EOG.

  • Wednesday: “We are so BRIGHT” wear neon clothes to show how much we know for the EOGs.

  • Thursday: “We are RED-y” wear red to show we are ready for the EOGs.

  • Friday: “Relax, we’ve got this!” wear school appropriate pajamas to show that we are going to get lots of rest to prepare for the EOGs and we will relax because we have been preparing for this all year.

Last Week...

In Reading, we continued to review all skill taught this year. We focused on informational passages. I modeled for students how to read through a text and use test taking strategies to prove my thinking, then students worked in partnerships and went through the same steps. Finally they proved their thinking on their review assessment on Thursday.

In Math, we reviewed all skills taught throughout the year. Students were given a review packet to complete in class. I encouraged them to make sure they ask for help right away if they don’t understand a concept. They showed their understanding of skills on their review assessment on Friday.

In Social Studies, the class began a project focusing on one piece of North Carolina culture that is interesting to them. Students drew categories such as Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance, Festivals, Pastimes, and Food and Drink. From their category, they then chose a specific topic for their project. They worked on their projects in class and at home to gather information, photographs, examples, etc. On Friday, they presented their projects to the class! Their grade was based both on the work done on their project and their presentation.

In Science, our class rotated to Mrs. Caldwell to learn about Rocks and Minerals. This week, they focused on learning about the different properties of minerals (luster, color, streak, hardness, and cleavage). They completed a scratch test and streak test on several different minerals. Then, they started to learn about the rock cycle.

Next Week...

In Reading, we will continue to review all skills taught this year. We will be working on different genres using test taking strategies. You can help your child at home by making sure they USE STRATEGIES as they complete passages for homework as extra practice. They MUST prove their thinking. Your child should be reading a minimum of 40 minutes each night. This will help them to build stamina as well. We are not providing quizlets for reading this 6 weeks. Students need to use context clues to infer the meanings of words. They will take their final reading review assessment on Thursday.

In Math, we will be reviewing all skills taught throughout the year. Students will be given their 2nd review packet to complete in class. I will encourage them, to make sure they ask for help right away if they don’t understand a concept. They should be reviewing their notes in their notebook each night, as well as completing all homework assignments. They will take their final math review assessment on Friday.

In Writing, students will be taking their personal narratives and writing a play based on them. They will use what they know about dramas to create a cast of characters, setting, stage directions, and more.

In Science, we will start to learn about the three types of rocks (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary). Students will learn how each rock is formed, and then see how the rocks change from one form to another through the rock cycle. On Friday, they will start their project on creating a rock cycle comic strip. This project will show their understanding of each rock and how it changes from one form to another. Your child should continue to bring their notes home to study nightly. They can also use quizlet to help them study.

Important Dates and Events...

5/16 - 5/20 - EOG Spirit Week (See above for details)

5/19 - Reading Review Assessment #3

5/19 - Rocks and Minerals News Article Due

5/20 - Final Scholastic Book Order Due

5/20 - Spirit Wear Friday (hat day) - also EOG spirit wear (pajama day)

5/20 - Math Review Assessment #3

5/25 - Rocks and Minerals Assessment

5/26 - Reading EOG

5/27 - Math EOG

5/27 - Rock Cycle Comic Strip Due

5/30 - Memorial Day Holiday (No School)