May 2015

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Our brand new fearless adaptation of Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening, directed by Jeremy Ohringer has come to a close. The show was seen by nearly 300 audience members, both young and old alike. The cast also played to sold-out houses on the final weekend! We were "Recommended" from the Chicago Stage Standard, The Chicago Theatre Critic, and The Chicago Theatre Review.

Here are some highlights of the critic's reviews:

"Ohringer and company do a great job streamlining the production to get to the meat...Ohringer’s adaptation truly brings to light just how much these young adults are dealing with. By forcing the audience to learn absolutely everything from the mouth of a teenager, it becomes sickeningly clear that, even though they may be referred to as youths or teens or kids, they still have to deal with the very real, very grim issues of abandonment, loneliness, rape, suicide, and death."

"...director Jeremy Ohringer and his creative ensemble found some innovative ways of keeping the show current, which demonstrate a promising future for these artists and reward the audience’s time."

"The new Fearless Theatre premiers with a cautionary tale that contains enough bite and sizzle to satisfy today’s audiences, while showing promise for additional excellent productions to come.""

Our Cause:

For this production, we partnered with the Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP). This wonderful organization, led by Bonsai Bermudez, helps LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness and other hardships find their voice and a safe space to investigate their struggles and turn them into triumphs through a theatrical piece.

The cast of Spring Awakening and the YEPP ensemble members joined up and participated in workshops, post-show discussions, and attended each others performances. Creating many new, exciting, and life-changing moments.

Through donations, Fearless was proud to present YEPP with $400 to go towards their cause.

For more information on their next show, and about the ensemble visit: www.wesayyepp.com

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The cast with members of YEPP

About us:

Our Mission: Risk taking theatre that highlights the perils and joys of the teenage odyssey. By utilizing fresh, young, fearless artists we provide a platform for their voices to be heard. We are re-engaging and reconstructing the way theatre is viewed for young audiences today.


We are thrilled to begin work on our next production. If you would like to help support our next production please click the button to donate to our company. Your contribution will go towards performance rights, venues, compensation, and taking our productions to the next level.