Special Ed Newsletter

Second Nine Weeks

Merry Christmas and Springing Forward

The second nine weeks has already come to end, and all of the kids worked very hard. I wanted to touch base with all of you and remind you that you will be receiving IEP progress reports when your children have their report cards sent home. If you have any questions regarding their progress, remember you can always email or call me to answer any concerns you might have.

Homework help has been a huge success. If you've been sending your children, I hope that homework help has given your family some extra time in the evenings. I enjoy working with the kids after school. As a parent myself, I understand how homework can create extra stress for children (and parents). My goal has always been to help my students be successful. I hope you see positive results in their grades.

Finally, the spring semester is upon us. What that means, is that as our school year draws to a close, the STAAR test is rapidly approaching. The classroom teachers and I are working very hard to help prepare students for this. Just as a reminder, third graders only take reading and math. Fourth graders take reading, math, and writing. Fifth graders take reading, math, and science.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year