By: Nathan Bash

What causes stress?

You experience stress when situations, people, or events make demands on your body or mind. Four general types of stressors are major life changes, catastrophes, everyday problems, and environmental problems.
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How stress affects your bodies.

The body responds to stress in three stages. The first is the alarm stage. During the alarm stage your body releases adrenaline into your bloodstream. This makes your heartbeat faster and your muscles work harder for a few seconds. Next is the resistance stage. During this stage you think that you are not stressed because you can't see the symptoms, but you may become irritable, tired, and less able to handle more stress. Finally the exhaustion stage kicks in. During the last two stages you have used all your energy and so you become very tired.
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Stress and individuals

How you react to a stressor depends on assessment of the situation. Your personality can influence how you react.

Coping with Sress

To help keep stress under control use your time wisely and mental rehearsal. To relieve tension when you are stressed relax, physical activity, and biofeedback. Sharing your problems can make you see them more clearly. It can also help you understand it.

Time wasters!

  • Video games/ tv
  • Spacing off
  • Listening to music (for some people)
  • Using devices
  • Not having a plan
  • Worring
  • Laying around
  • Not being on task
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