The Color Barrier in Sports

By Krishan Parbhu

Charles K. Ross

  • Editor of book
  • Born in Columbus, Ohio
  • Double masters and Ph.D in History from The Ohio State University

Background Information

  • African American players before ban
  • Publicity stunt
  • No equality in more than just sports

Key Figures

  • Fitz Pollard
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Athletics Programs
  • African American Students

Race and Sport

  • Struggle for equality
  • The color barrier in sports
  • Leaders in the fight
  • Athletics first opened up equality


"The basketball court served as one of many laboratories on college campuses where African American women worked to sharpen decision-making and leadership skills amid conflict and tension." (Location 609 out of 2948)

Overall thoughts

  • Interesting book
  • Good information
  • Enjoyed it
  • Recommend it