"The Owl and The Chicken"

Fable By: Yaseen El-Demerdash


There once was an owl who would soar thought the night like a jet in flight. Then there came a little chicken who was content and did not boast. She was however like any other chicken. One night the owl flew and landed in the chickens house. The chicken jumped surprised to see the owl. "Your a small small chicken." the owl teased. "That is what makes me so special." The chicken replied. "Your a tiny chicken you cant fly, or even get yourself food." Said the owl. "Well I lay eggs for the humans to eat and they repay me with food, and at least i help others instead of killing others for my pleasure. What have you done to help someone?" said the chicken. 'I don't need to help anyone I rule the night." Exclaimed the owl. "Yes, you may rule the night but not the day." the owl replied. Just as the chicken said this the sun came up and the owl flew away in fear.


Moral: Those who are content, polite, and don't brag, always win.