5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 2/15/16

What We Learned

In Math we completed our Benchmark then began our unit on Geometry by focusing on lines, angles, and attributes of polygons, specifically quadrilaterals.

In Science we continued learning about alternative energy resources which are biofuels (biomass), hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy. Students identified each one by its process, pros, and cons. We are working on a booklet that describes each one. We will complete the booklet next week.

What We Will be Learning

In Math we will continue learning about attributes of shapes with a focus on triangles and integrating the vocabulary into problem solving.

In Science we will analyze the alternative energy resources, delve into conservation, and finish up our Geology unit with a unit test on Friday. I will send out review questions throughout the week. Students will review on Thursday as well.


***I am noticing that students are becoming very relaxed about homework. Please encourage your child to do their very best on homework in order to practice what they are learning in class as well as utilizing resources effectively.***

Math: DMH Week 23; Please have Monday's DMH completed for Tuesday

Science: Part 3 Week 5; Show page numbers from the Study Guide on a minimum of 10 questions

Upcoming Events

Monday 15th: Student holiday

Tuesday 16th: Future Tiger Night; Pennies for Patients begins; Progress Reports go home

Wednesday 17th: 3rd/4th grade Benchmark - No lunch visitors please due to a schedule change