First Aid

John King

How would you feel if someone couldn't help you?

How would you feel if you were in a bad spot and nobody could help you because they didn't know how? That is why its is important to have at least some medical and survival training because you never know when you could save a persons life.

We thought it was just a normal campout.

We did not expect to do any first aid when we got there. We expected it to be just a normal campout. When we first heard about doing first aid we thought "boring" but as the instructor started talking we became interest and begin to ask and answer questions. I am glad he taught us first aid because I would not be able to help someone if he or she was hurt.

Are you wiling?

Are you willing to help someone or are you a coward at the sight of blood?

If you are in a medical emergencey you will most likly be panicked.

If you remember these important steps you and the person you are saving will be ok. I know this sounds bad but don't panic. The time you stop panicking the is time you wasted when you could be saving his or her life.