Vermin Supreme

Presidential Roles

Chief Executive - "I'm a tyrant you can trust. You should let me run your life because i know whats is best for you." ~ Supreme. The nation can trust strong leadership from Vermin.

Chief Diplomat - Vermin will pull away from all foreign involvements to focus on his domestic platform.

Chief legislature - Public Policy will be focused on mandatory toothbrush laws, Time travel research agencies and Free pony Job Act.

Chief administrator - Vermin aims to implement the Free Ponies for all Americans job act to stimulate growth and decrease budget expenditures.

Chief of citizens - "I will lie to you because i have no reason not to. I will promise your electorate heart anything you desire, because you are my constituents, you are the informed voting public, and I have no invention of keeping any promises I make." ~ Supreme. Vermin has high morals and ethics for the public he represents!

Chief of party - In 2012 Supreme finished fourth in Hew Hampshire primaries a clear representative of the whole party.

commander and chief - As commander and chief Vermin aims to prepare the nation for a zombie apocalypse, which would be a preemptive action against the unenviable.

An insight on Vermin Supreme

Personal life

Vermin Supreme is a Boston native. He dropped out of art school and went to a life of underground crime. He ran for public office in 1987 and has made political waves ever since. He is a perceived Anarchist, but identifies with the Democratic party. His platform consists of Mandatory Dental Hygiene Act, because he believes strong teeth would make a strong America. Vermin also advocates for time travel research. Vermin is a common man just like everyone else.

Meet Vermin Supreme