The Lewis and Clark Expeition

BY shyanne reynolds


Merriweather Lewis and William Clark were great military soldiers. They worked well together. Lewis said “there ante no man that I could fell more equal to.” Clark said “I’d join you with my hand and my heart.” Lewis and Clark two different people but they never disagreed.

Why They Were Chosen

Lewis was a bridge undaunted. With skills as if implanted with nature and a perfect solider and he was only 28. It was a long and risky mission. Clark was 32 and an expert mountain man. An excellent river man and a proven leader

Why They Split Up

Lewis and Clark split up because they had to find the Shoshones (an Indian tribe.) To make a trade with them. While Clark continued the river. Lewis and 4 men went to find the Shoshones. Hopefully they could meet up again.

What Dangers They Had

Lewis and Clark had lots of dangers. Like fox, wolves, and bears. There were also lots of buffalo hunters. Indians that wouldn’t be afraid to have war. They had to be careful.


Lewis and Clark were amazing leaders. They split up and got back together. They had to be careful. They survived one long mission. It was an amazing trip that no one will forget.


This video was helpful to me as I researched.
1804-06 Lewis and Clark Expedition Documentary