New York

By, Jenni Blondeau

Come to New York!

Come to New York and have some fun! You can go canoeing and kayaking on Lake Wawaka and Mirror Lake in the summer. In the spring you can go golfing , fishing camping and hiking. You can even go to flower shows and festivals! In the fall you can view nature, enjoy the food and fun and identify leaves! In the winter you can ski and snowboard go snowshoeing and even go snowmobiling! If your ready to start to relax there are a ton of museums in New York! There are art museums, historical museums, and Baseball hall of fame. If you like acting or watching plays your surrounded by luck! Broadway shows are located in New York City!

That is a ton of amazing things to do in New York!


State Map

The capital of New York is Albany. The largest city is New York City. Some of the rivers are Hudson , Mohawk river, and Genesee river. Those are just some of the rivers.
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Fun facts

. State tree: sugar maple tree

.State flower: rose

. State gem:garnet

.State fishes: Brooktrout and Striped Base

. State motto: Excelsior (Ever upward)

. State slogan: I love New York; also it's a state song, the Empire state.

New York History

New York became a state on Saturday, July 26, 1788. The famous people who lived there were Theodore Roosevelt- 26th president of the U.S Franklin D. Roosevelt- 32nd president of the U.S and Christina Aguilera- pop singer. When the English took over land from Dutch they named it New York in honor of Duke of York and the city of York in England.

Golfing in the Spring

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