Swim Swim Swim

By Sophie Harlan

Welcoming to the swimming book!

Do you like to swim? To many people swimming is always a fun activity. You can build muscles and get better with the technique if you do swim team. Swimming also helps the body's major muscles and swimming even reduces stress. Doing this activity will help get your heart and lungs healthier. This story is about the strokes, basic technique, and a little bit about Gertrude Ederel.

Swimming Basics

When you are swimming you always want to cup your hands. To cup your hands you need to first keep them flat and the slightly bring your fingers down but not too far that there in a fist or close to being in a fist. Cupping your hands will help you by pushing more of the water behind you so you will go faster. While you are swimming you also always want to start in the stream line position. The streamline position is a position you put your body in at the beginning of a stroke to make yourself thin and go faster. First, to get into the position you need to you have to put your legs together and put your hands in front of you one overlapping the other. Then you raise your arms up to your ears and squeeze them.

How to Do the Flutter KIck

Everybodyswim, Step 3: Flutter kick (beginner)


Freestyle is known to be the fastest and easiest stroke to learn and do. The stroke is simple to learn.You start by pushing of the pool wall in a streamline position. Then once you start slowing down you start to do the stroke part and the flutter kick. The flutter kick is moving one foot up and one foot down. You do the movement repeatedly. First to start the stroke you bend your arm slightly at the elbow ( you can start with your left or right arm, your choice) while you're bending it move it backwards until it reaches your hip, then you need to turn your arm so that when you're lifting it out of the water your thumb comes out first. Once your arm is out of the water you need to start moving your other arm.

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Breaststroke is a very easy stroke because the movements are simple and you take a breath every time you do a stroke. Start in a stream line position.,When you start to slow down start doing the stroke. First you bend both arms at the elbow and separate them from the stream line position. You should be moving your arms backwards to your hips. Then, once your arms are at your hips still bent so that they are in the robot position and you shoot them up to your chest in a praying type of position. After you get to that point you transform back to the stream line position. After you do the arm motion you need to start the leg motion. First you bend your knees out and up then you straddle them. After that you need to quickly shoot them back to the stream line position and you start doing your arms again. An easy way to remember how to do your legs is up, straddle, shoot, up, straddle, shoot. Keep doing this but don't do your arm and leg motion at the same time go arms, legs, arms, legs.
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Backstroke is a different stroke than the others. Your on you back the whole time unlike the other strokes when you're on your stomach. You start on the pool wall in a different way to. You hold on to the edge of the pool wall facing towards your hands not away. Then you put your feet on the wall so your in a loose tuck. When you're ready, shoot off the wall backwards and start your stroke. To do the stroke you need to first need to be in a stream line position on your back and once you start to slow down you start a flutter kick. You also start to move your arms. Move one arm to your hip by bringing your arm under you down to your hip while the other one is still in the stream line place. Next you need to take your pinkie out of the water first with the arm that is down by your hip and then you bring it up to your head (back to the stream line position) and while you are doing this you should be flutter kicking and doing the same first movement with the other arm. You keep on going, but once you think you are near the end of the pool and you think (you have enough speed to do this) take a deep breath and slightly tilt your head back to see how far away you are from the finishing line. That will help you feel better about when and where you are stopping.
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Butterfly is known to be the hardest stroke and is now to take up most of your energy. When you start, you want to be in the streamline position just like all the other strokes, then you want to start doing the butterfly kick which is kind of like the flutter kick but you keep both feet together and move your feet up and down repeatedly. Then you need to do your arms. First you pull both of them down you your hips while they are slightly bent at the elbow. Once they are down to your hips you need to flip them over and bring them out of the water and back into the streamline position. Don't be frustrated if you don't get this the first time you try because butterfly is the hardest stroke to learn and to do.
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Gertrude Ederel

Gertrude Ederel was a famous swimmer in 1920. She attempted to swim a swimming channel in Cape Gris Nez, France. Only 5 men had ever swam this so it would be a huge deal if she did. She was born in 1905 and fell in love with swimming after her uncle taught her how to swim. She died in 2003 when she was 98 years old! When she first tried to swim the challenge, she was not even half way when she decided that she needed more training to do the challenge. But after a year or two she tried again. She swam through cold harsh weather that would make the waves large and hard to push through. When she got hungry and thirsty she would turn over on her back to eat and drink. Finally she got to the end and there was a huge celebration! She even beat the record for how fast you could swim across it!!!News reporters started to describe her as a strong and independent girl. They even started calling her Americas best girl. She was very famous at that time and everybody loved her!

I hope you like swimming as much as I do now and I also hope that you learned some stuff about swimming! You could become a famous swimmer and swim at the Olympics. Swimming might not be your favorite sport, but I certainly hope that now it's at least not your least favorite if it ever was.

Gertrude Ederle Swims the English Channel

Gertrude Ederle Swims the Englis Channel 1926
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