U.S. Southwest Region

By: Abby,Bella,Ethan,Mason


The Colorado Plateau is the major plateau in the Southwest. The area is also famous for its canyons, which are deep, narrow valleys with steep sides. Among the deepest is the Grand Canyon. A mesa is another landform found in the Southwest.

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Carlsbad Caverns Nathional Park

Grand Canyon

Petrified Forest

Johnson Space Center

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Tortillas, Hot chili pepper, Tamales, Sopopillas.
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New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado

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Water in the southwest

Branches of the of colorado river run through it,so many trees cacti,and shrubs find enough water to grow there.
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Ineresting Facts

on april 19, 1995 a bomb exploded outside a govorment building in oklahoma city.
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white- tailed deer, texas longhorn, Mexican free- tailed bats, Black bear, American bison, Mountain bighorn sheep, Nine- banded Armdillo.

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