The Wegner Word

October 26, 2015


For kids who are working in my fast-paced room, we will be continuing our Geometrocity building projects. Beginning on Wednesday, we will begin Unit 8, fractions. Other classrooms are continuing with division and geometry.


We are beginning Unit 2 Week 3 this week. The skills include:

  1. Nonfiction
  2. Reread
  3. Prefixes
  4. Author's point of view
  5. Words with silent letters


This week in writing, we are beginning out informative writing pieces. Students will do a research project for their piece. They will choose from a list of endangered animals. Throughout their research project, they will be reading nonfiction books on their animal, as well as researching online. They will be filling out graphic organizers with important information. At the end of their research, they will be writing a research paper with all of their findings.

Important Upcoming Dates

October 26-November 6

Parent-Teacher conferences!!! If you have not signed up for a slot, please do so ASAP. Conferences begin today!

October 26-30

Red Ribbon Week

**The class that brings in the most cans on Tuesday October 27 will earn a treat**

October 30

Fall Party! 1:40-2:15

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Way to Go!!!

Our Way to Go award winner last week was Hayden Reynolds. Hayden was a rockstar all week, listening to directions before starting his work, doing his best on his assignments, and staying quiet when he knew he was supposed to be. Way to go, Hayden!

Pen Pal Update

I have assigned our Australian pen pals to the kiddos! They finished their letters last week, and they will be sent out tomorrow! We are all so excited to hear back from them!