Traveling to perseverance

Josiah Donelson

My personal definition of Perseverance

Perseverance is when someone continues to do something until they have reached their goal. Even they never quit, and the obstacles are hard and challenging. But they never quit and they also have someone or something to help them to achieve their goal on the way.
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Describing how Jackie Robinson IS IMPORTANT

He helped black's gain their rights. Played in the MLB. ( Major League Baseball.) Lots of MLB fans yelled at him and called him names. Players made fun of him. But he had resilience. In 1910 all of the conflicts and cruelty happened

Eleanor Roosevelt life

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Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg steps to victory

1. Practiced violin every day ever since she got her violin

2. Went to music class to get better at the violin, even though she doesn't have a violin

3.Participated in events to see if her violin skills are better

4.She went to a competition and made it to the qualifying rounds

5.In finals she used her weak piece in the second round then her strong one in the finals

6. She was able to triumph over other violinist in competiion

Unstoppable Eula Hall Problems and Answers

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Lesson learned from perseverance

The lesson that I have learned from perseverance is to never give up even if the task is long and challenging. Lots of people that I have learned about has changed me. It has resolved me to do better and give it all I have got. Lots of people have perseverance when they're against others or obstacles for themselves or for someone. When you are trying to reach your goal, you can fail. Lots of people did fail but they have never gave up. They want to keep pushing into the goal until the obstacle is cleared. And when the obstacle is clear they have reached their goal.

How orphans felt when boarding on the train

When the orphans went on the train they thought that it will be very scary. They never knew what it is like to be adopted. But when they went to a stop to get adopted, they had smiles on their faces. They left their fear behind and went to their new family. But not all of the orphans loved their family. Usually their family were cruel to them. But for other orphans they were lucky that their parents loved them.