Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy's Progressive Life !

Early Life

Theodore Roosevelt (also known as Teddy) was born on October 27, 1858. He was from Dutch heritage and lived in New York City. He was homeschooled due to his heart condition and asthma. His illness gave him the opportunity of exploring about the world around him.

What Makes Theodore Progessive

He was progressive because he wanted to make the US a better place by lowering tariffs and conserve wild life. He also was a trust buster and supported women's suffrage at the time.

He was not a muckraker (aka a journalist/reporter at the time that states the bad in the world. He never liked ckrakers because he believed that they were just trouble and nothing good for society (they made blood run cold)

Teddy's Major Accomplisments

He had 6 children.

He studied at Harbor College

He owned nearly 200 acres of national forest

He was the youngest President in office (42)

He supported women's suffrage

and was a Trust Buster.

Why Did I Reaserch Him ?

I wanted to research him because I think he's an interesting person and has accomplished things in life that many others haven't. People today still admire him fro his heroic actions and jesters.