A Portable Coffee Maker

Make coffee anywhere, anytime!

he best thing in the world is to have instant hot cup of coffee at your hand anytime, anywhere. Coffee is something that many people need on the go, but you have to stop at a coffee shop or make it at home before. With the Kwik Koffee© you won’t need to stop, and you will be able to make coffee while you are in the car. Just make sure not to drink too much coffee.

You can carry the Kwik Koffee© to any place you can think of: from your car to a picnic table, this machine will come in handy everywhere. With a user friendly layout and compact body, it is easily handled even by kids. With a stand that pops out you can place this machine on any flat surface, even on the beach! Just don’t forget to use the waterproof case! What is better than having fresh coffee while hiking or camping, on a cold day. The benefits of having a portable coffee machine are countless.


The Kwik Koffee© doesn’t need an outlet either, and the high quality lithium ion battery has to charge only once in a week. Its new and advanced technology make coffee faster and tastier than a regular machine. It comes with special air vent that will keep the machine from overheating. Its sleek and slim shape also come in handy. With an easy-to-carry handle and a cubical shaped body, this machine can even fit in a handbag!

Accessories and Kase

The revolutionary Kwik Koffee© portable coffee maker line comes in 3 different layouts

and 2 exclusive designer makers. Each one has different shapes and attributes according to YOUR needs. For the rocket nerd in you family, give them the Milky Way© to keep him awake on his late night NASA conferences, or maybe you have that cousin who thinks that she is better than everyone else, give her the Designer Kwik© for all her snooty needs. The basic ones are suited for everyday purposes like a day at the beach while our durable makers can be for backpacking and beyond!

If our durable models can’t hold your adventurous deeds? Our brand new Kase© can withstand intense impacts and is water resistant for up to 15 feet. These durable cases work with all of our basic models and can hold multiple flavors and the a milk jug that holds 12 ounces. These cases also come in 12 stunning designs and colors and also come in special designs for events shows and books. Feeling fancy? Customize your case for $10 more with our new program that you can drag your own pictures or images or choose from our online image database.

The Kwik Koffee© also can be accessorised with a purpose orientated Kase© . Different machines can be accessorised with a different purpose case. If you want to go on a hike or camping trail, you could personalize a case with increased durability, for harsh climates. If you want a machine to go in an office or your car you could buy a designer case that would look stunning along with your area.


With different pouches for adding flavor and water, this coffee maker also comes with its own free cup and five different flavors for you to find your favorite flavor! Trying out different flavors will help you decide what type of taste do you like. After you decide your flavor preference, you could go buy the flavor packets, at a nearby store. Along with free flavors we provide a specially designed cup to go along with your choice of design. For example, if you buy the Designer Kwik© you will get a designer china piece, limited edition cup.