homestead strike

whos fault wa it really?

Andrew Carnegie

as a child Andrew Carnegie was a smart, hard working kid . He had a job but he didn't mind it because he like work . He had to work in replacement of his dad because his dad wasn't there to work . When he got older he had his own factory called 'Carnegie steel' got rich and didn't have to work , so he didn't

henry frick

was very successful he founded H. C. Frick & Company coke manufacturing company.he was chairman in Carnegie steel.

Inside the factory

Andrew Carnegie's factory was a steel making factory, his laborers worked long hard shifts in a factory that was unhealthy and dirty. Although they worked long hard hours ; they were poorly payed .

Henry fricks idea

after technological advances where made Carnegie steel company, more people were hired. In the summer of 1892 Henry Frick was in charge while Andrew Carnegie was away .Henry Frick was worried about the price cut and used the expiring contract to cut wages off the workers

homestead strike

Sadly for Henry Frick the workers didn't agree with his idea and decided it would be best to go on strike


Henry thought he could make the problem go away by calling the Pinkertons . They were cops who specialize on stopping strikes .On July 5 around 300 Pinkertons went to the river to go stop the strikers. Many people died and some were wounded.